Tuesday, February 14, 2017

TV Talk: Is There Such A Thing As Too Much TV?

As we are in the "Golden Age" of TV, I feel like I have to watch every TV show. While it is not humanly possible to watch EVERY TV show, I do have a watch queue that is growing exponentially every day. My friends are also avid TV watchers and we share our newest obsessions with each other all the time. It's honestly starting to feel like I have homework waiting for me every day. It's now to the point where not only are the broadcast networks creating amazing content, but so are streaming services and almost every cable network as well. On top of that, TV revivals and spin-offs are at an all-time high. So... in this age of "must see TV", how do we know when to cut ourselves off?

Based on an article written by Forbes in December 2016, "21st Century Fox’s FX research estimated that in 2016, 455 scripted original programs aired in the United States. In five years alone, the number of scripted television shows on cable, digital, and broadcast platforms has increased by 71%". This is astounding and also fascinating to think about. Like I said previously, keeping up with all the great TV out there is like having to do homework every night. While I do find it to be more enjoyable than any homework I had to do during my time in school, sometimes I do get frustrated. As someone who LOVES to read books, I honestly find that most of my reading nowadays is done via audiobook. I don't ever have time to sit down and read a physical book because I always have the TV on. The only reason I get any of my house work, blogging, or cooking done is because I am the world's most expert multi-tasker. It's safe to say... I HAVE A PROBLEM.

Now I will admit right here and right now, I will always love TV. I don't plan to stop watching any time soon, but I have consciously tried to slow down in the last year or two. Instead of trying to keep up to date on every show, I have picked some of my lesser favorites that I will instead watch season by season as they pop up on Netflix. These shows I will usually catch up on during the summer when there isn't a whole lot of TV on. I have also decided to cut out most of the police/law/medical procedural shows as these really don't interest me a whole lot anymore. I will continue to try and figure out ways to handle this onslaught of great TV, but it would be helpful if America could help me out here.

With all that being said, will it ever stop? Probably not. TV companies are making too much money and consumers are loving everything they are getting. The best advice I can give (and some I should probably listen to myself) is to prioritize what's important in life. If watching too much TV stresses you out (like I am right now), consider not watching for a season. With streaming services snatching TV shows up they way that they have been, you can always find that TV show you missed out on and catch up later. In the words of Eliza Schuyler-Hamilton, TAKE A BREAK!

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