Thursday, May 18, 2017

TV Talk: TV Shows I Need to Binge This Summer

Summer is a time when all of your regularly scheduled programming is on break until fall and you use all your free time to play catch-up on Netflix. Oh... is that just how I spend my summers 😝? I love spending time in the pool (or the ocean), but otherwise I don't do hot weather very well. That leaves me with four options... find indoor places to do something fun, read, play board games, or binge-watch TV and movies. I love to do all of those things, but binge-watching during the summer has always had a special place in my heart. I can get through 10 seasons of a show without a lot of breaks and interruptions, allowing me to get super invested and totally heartbroken when it's all over. With that being said, here are a couple of shows that I currently have on my list. I won't be able to get through everything in this list, but these are just some shows that I am interested in and now have access to (thanks Netflix and Hulu!).

Playing Catch-Up (I've started but have gotten behind)
  • Salem complete
  • Broadchurch complete
  • iZombie complete
  • Elementary complete

Full Series Binge (All seasons available on Hulu for all shows)
  • The OC didn't even start
  • Smallville didn't even start
  • The Golden Girls started but did not complete

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