Friday, June 30, 2017

Current Obsession: Alternative Rock Music Edition

Music is a magical piece of art. It's therapeutic, expressive, and life changing. While I am a HUGE advocate for music (I like to think that I am always on top of the latest songs and artists), sometimes I can go too long listening to just podcasts and audiobooks. Then all of a sudden I will just go mad for music... I will download all kinds of new albums (or pull up some old favorites) and listen to them on repeat for days. Well this week has been one of those times. I don't usually write posts about music, but there have been a couple albums that have been speaking to my soul and I wanted to take some time to recommend them to all of you. All of the albums listed below are from some of my all time favorite bands. Some are newer artists, but some are bands I have been following for years and years. I would highly recommend you check out these artists if you haven't... I think you will not regret it!

Artist: Paramore

Album: After Laughter

Favorite Songs: Hard Times, Rose-Colored Boy, Told You so, Fake Happy

Artist: Twenty One Pilots

Album: Blurryface

Favorite Songs: Heavydirtysoul, Stressed Out, Ride
Artist: MisterWives

Album: Connect the Dots

Favorite Songs: Machine, Drummer Boy, Revolution
Artist: Imagine Dragons

Album: Evolve

Favorite Songs: I Don't Know Why, Whatever It Takes, Believer, Thunder
Artist: Panic! At the Disco

Album: Too Weird To Live, Too Rare to Die!

Favorite Songs: This Is Gospel, Miss Jackson, Nicotine, Girls/Girls/Boys

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