Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I Joined A Book Club

Hey everyone... guess what?!? I joined a book club! I have always wanted to participate in a book club and I almost started my own a couple years ago, but that never panned out. A friend of mine was looking to join a book club and actually ended up starting her own due to the amount of people commenting on her post stating that they were also interested (including yours truly). We just had our first meet up and I thought it went splendidly. We had a lot of fun and all ended up enjoying our first book. I made new friends and enjoyed some great conversation! For our first get together, we chose to read Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. I had actually read this book a couple years ago when it came out, but I am a HUGE Mindy Kaling fan so I was happy to re-read it (well actually I listened to it on audiobook and I would highly recommend this format as Mindy herself narrates 😆). There were questions posted online that we were able to use as a discussion guide and the book itself provided many topics of discussion as it is brimming with pictures and amazing quotes.

Overall, I had a splendid time and very much look forward to our second meeting. I think we had a great group of people, all very friendly and more than willing to nerd out and talk. I know that a lot of book clubs will fizzle out due to loss of interest or the difficulty of finding time that works for everyone. I sincerely hope that this doesn't happen to my new crew because meeting these new people and discussing amazing books is one of my little dreams come true!

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  1. Nice blog. Book clubbin was fun lol. It does help that we had a great book choice and great people.