Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later - Season 1 Review

Network: Netflix

Genre: Comedy

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

Synopsis: See what happens to your favorite campers and counselors ten years after the original Wet Hot American Summer.

My Thoughts: Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later was a fun one day binge! The characters were as crazy as ever and the jokes were very meta (which I enjoy 😜). I was not the biggest fan of the original movie, Wet Hot American Summer, but I did very much enjoy the prequel series, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. As such, I was really excited to see where the Firewood campers were ten years later. 

While some of the story lines in this chapter were way out there and honestly didn't make a lot of sense, the actors were on point with their character portrayals. What's even more impressive is how they got all of these actors back (with the exception of Bradley Cooper - although they do address this in a very funny way) to shoot these eight episodes despite all of their busy schedules. It shows a dedication and pure enjoyment these actors must have for the story and their fellow friends. However, this sequel series was not as strong as the prequel series. With the characters all being ten years older, some of the hi-jinks that were once funny when done by teenagers were a little silly when done by adults almost in their 30's. Overall, I think both series were great additions to what is now a cult classic movie. I don't really think the creators have any plans to make more content based on this universe, but I do think they should stop while they are ahead. The story concluded in a great way and I would be VERY content knowing each characters story ended where they did (spoiler alert: everyone got a happy ending!).


  1. I really enjoyed it too. Some of the scenes just had me rolling on the ground laughing, and the way they explained Cooper's character was genius!

    1. I agree! Cooper is one of my favorite characters.